Saturday, January 12, 2013

Okay, so today I began the 17 hour drive from Home Sweet Home to my new home, Melbourne. Before getting into the car for a long day of eating peanut butter sandwiches, singing along to One Direction, and watching all the brown, green, yellow fields of cows rush by, I had the dreaded task of saying goodbye.

Now I realise that, for many people, saying goodbye would not be something to fear, but for some reason I find it incredibly difficult. And no, I don't get all teary and cuddly and start crying "I'll never see you again ever ever everrrrrrrr!" If anything, I do the exact opposite; I act all stoic and cold, preferring the awkward parting wave to the loving parting hug. I swear I have intimacy issues or something... intimacy issues that become 83275846015 x worse when saying goodbye.

Anyway, now that the mini-rant is over I can move on to the photos above, which capture the gorgeous, incredibly thoughtful parting present given to me by my darling friend, Aleesia. This little booklet, or 'zine' if you wanna get all hipster cool, was handcrafted by my clever cookie of a friend and basically encompasses all of my recent obsessions including Doctor Who, James Mcavoy (Mr. Tumnus!!), Coldplay, One Direction, The Doors, tea, Jane Austen, and Machu Picchu... phew, that's quite a few actually.

I just thought this was the sweetest gift and I will cherish it forever.

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