Saturday, October 19, 2013

Recently I borrowed my cousin Nandi and her particularly pretty face to execute an idea that’s been floating around in my head for a while now. As somebody who has been actively fangirling since before it was even a thing, I have a rather robust catalogue of ‘No.1 Crushes’ filled with handsome fellas ranging from the widely adored Harry Styles to the slightly embarrassing Chris Martin (One True Love) to anyone with a Scottish accent i.e. David Tennant. Among the many men in my life is Leonardo Dicaprio, an undeniably fine specimen who managed to make even the 90s look good- floppy hair and oversized vests included.

It was a book on my beloved Leo that first sparked the flame to my creative fire. I picked up The Leonardo Dicaprio Album at my local bookstore for $1.50 and oh what a purchase it was… for less than a cup of coffee I got 104 pages of Leo related content including some truly Phwoar-worthy photos and a whole bunch of hilariously blah ‘HAHA!’ ones. These photos and their potential as a wall collage/shrine led to an entire photo shoot dedicated to the man they pay homage to.
The whole process of styling and photographing a shoot was new to me, but, after all the fun I had, I will definitely be giving it another go in the near future.

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