Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's the 26th of December, Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, and while Dad sits in front of the cricket with an excited 10 am beer, I am scrolling through the freshly uploaded photos of yesterday's festivities.

This year we celebrated Jesus' birthday with a relaxed lunch and a game of beach cricket, activities that seem to have become a key part of my family's (and much of Australia's) Christmas tradition.

Joined by my grandparents and closest family friends, this Christmas was particularly fun. I think this joy was founded in the easiness of the day; the turkey was in the oven by 7am, the salads could be tossed together in a matter of moments, and there was always somebody willing to wash the next round of dishes. It was such a chilled out affair that I (and the rest of the party) found time to enjoy a 2-hour afternoon nap, a belly full of fruit pudding. Mum was so relaxed, she even let me watch my gifted copy of One Direction's This Is Us movie in the lounge room... something that wouldn't happen on any day but Christmas! 

I hope you had a wonderful day and that you have a great night out come December 31st.

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