Sunday, March 30, 2014


Yes, it has been at least a month, yes, I am a terrible, negligent human, and yes, I am back and hopefully here to stay.

I am so sorry for my absence over the past couple of weeks. University is in full swing and I am determined to do well, so I really haven't been doing anything that involves sunlight, social media, or fun- dusty libraries and solo study sessions are where it's at! All this studying is messing with my mind, so I've been hesitant to attempt anything even remotely .creative, blog posts included. In fact, in my rare moments of down-time, I have been indulging in a pass-time that's fairly foreign to me: television.

It sounds quite sad, but I actually look forward to settling down in front of the telly, my 4774563435th cup of tea on hand. I've never really understood the comfort of watching TV, but recently it has been a real saviour, allowing me to switch off and focus on the lives of others for an hour or so.

While The Block is popular in my household, I have really been enjoying re-watching my favourite shows from my early teen years. Dawson's Creek is brilliant, as is Gilmore Girls, and the best show of all time, The O.C.

I have also been enjoying Sex and the City, and am constantly screen shotting Carrie's fabulous outfits. Above are just a few of my favourite Bradshaw fashion moments. That girl sure knows how to dress!

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