Saturday, June 21, 2014

1. Sportsgirl shorts, Sportsgirl cardigan, Cotton On Body bra
2. American Apparel bra, Ripcurl Girl jacket, Sportsgirl headband
3. ASOS crop top, Cotton On shawl

My housemates have abandoned me for far off sunny places and I don't know to cope with all this quiet. 

I've spent the past two days prancing about in fur and lingerie, doing ballet in the kitchen, and reading Lolita on the balcony.

Today I thought I'd be a little more productive and pick up all the clothes (so many dress up sessions over the past 48 hours!) strewn across the lounge room. This, of course, quickly digressed into a selfie session, because what better use is there for an empty house?

I'm listening to the birthday goddess Lana Del Rey, and drinking water from a wine glass- is this my version of bad ass? 

Only one week until a trip home saves me from myself. 

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  1. Beautiful pictures dear Jessica ! <3 So lovely. Have a good day !