Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Musical History of my Little Life

I have 3 great loves in my life: fashion, music, and my future husband, Chris Martin of Coldplay. Today I am going to discuss the second of these.
Music has been a significant part of my life ever since I was a youngin', sitting on Dad's lap as he played piano. He was a professional musician and singer, and it was under his influence that I fell in love with the music of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and other Swing greats. Dad may have retired to a life of music teaching now, but his taste in music hasn't changed a bit, and I will still arrive home from school to discover Frank crooning from the record player.

It wasn't until I was about 10 that I moved on from the world of the Rat Pack and the occasional show tune (Singin' in the Rain was my favourite movie for a year or two) I went through a brief Avril Lavigne phase, initially ignited by a free ticket to her concert (thank you Nikkola). Avril was followed by Alanis because, let's face it, they are pretty damn similar. Then I began to follow my mother's taste.

Mum was a triple j junkie and always knew the hippest of the hip. She also loved a bit of Pete Murray, Xavier Rudd, and Ben Harper. So I decided to have a listen to Jack Johnson, a pioneer of this surfer-turned-muso phenomenon. I listened to him religiously for approximately 3 years, and refused anything that wasn't featured on a Coastal Chill CD.

When I was 13 I met a boy who was obsessed with music. I in turn was slightly obsessed with him. One day, he sat down at a piano and began playing a song. When he asked me if I knew it, and I, the musical recluse that I was, said no, he was appalled. He stood up and exclaimed "But it's Stairway to Heaven! By Led Zeppelin! They are the best band ever!!!" And so blossomed a love for the old stuff. I traded in my Jack Johnson for a world of rock: Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Rolling Stones. It was all a bit sporadic but I enjoyed it thouroughly.

Then in 2010 I went and lived in France for a year, and became aquainted with a bunch of "French Stoners". They wore t-shirts emblazoned with Jim Morrison's face, sat in cirlcles smoking and discussing their past acid trips, and listened to The Grateful Dead through oversized headphones. My love for rock became a love for anything from the 1950/60's. I emmersed myself in the counterculture, read On the Road numerous times, and began wearing Jim Morrison t-shirts myself.

Now my musical taste is still very much sixties orientated, though I am trying desperately to branch out into some newer stuff too. Here is a list the albums I adore at the moment:, in no particular order:

1. The Doors- The Doors

2. A Creature I Don't Know- Laura Marling (check her out if you haven't! She is amazing!!!)

3. Blonde on Blonde- Bob Dylan

4. Joni Mitchell Hits- Joni Mitchell

5. Rubber Soul- The Beatles

6. Two Shoes- The Cat Empire (a ridiculously awesome Australian band)

7. Bliss Release- Cloud Control

8. Pieces of You- Jewel (again, AWESOME!)

9. Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs- Ball Park Music (a lovely Brisbane-based band. I saw them live on Friday and it was brilliant!!)

10. Les Sac des Filles- Camille

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