Monday, December 17, 2012

If you’ve read my previous posts (which you should totally do…*convincing wink*) then you will know that I have just finished high school and am currently awaiting my marks and/or university offers (fingers crossed guys!) While floating about in this odd HSC vs. Real World limbo is kind of nerve-racking, it’s also quite exciting; yes, I might not get a 95+ ATAR, but at least I am moving out.
Yep, I will be moving out sometime over the next couple of months after almost 19 years of living under the same roof as my lovely yet often exasperating family. I have craved freedom and independence since I was six years old and decided to invite my entire class to a party at my house… much to the surprise of my completely oblivious parents. As sad as it sounds, the idea of doing the groceries, choosing the linen, and cooking whatever and whenever I like actually excites me. I quite literally lie in bed at night visualising my future house and which curtains I would hang…
In an attempt at starting the moving out process, my friends and I decided to clean out our bedrooms and hold a garage sale. The prep was there: we had piles upon piles of clothing, boxes overflowing with books, and a facebook event titled ‘MOVING OUT SALE! WOOP WOOP!’ We were all set for a brilliant day of exchanging our beloved possessions for loose change and gratitude.
Unfortunately the garage sale gods were not in our favour, and what began with a hopeful, enthusiastic 6am rise, ended in tired, sun burnt defeat. Throughout the course of the morning we had just 4 customers, and made only 2 sales, making a wild sum of..wait for it… $4.50! WOWZA!
Despite our lack of financial success, the morning actually turned out to be a very pleasant one. Aleesia, Ruby, and I spent a couple of hours sunbathing and eating cereal, before setting up a beach umbrella, picnic blankets, and pillows. We lazed about, sipping iced tea, eating popcorn, and chatting about absolutely nothing… which included One Direction… which led to a karaoke session to ‘One Thing’.
At lunchtime we decided to pack up and make a trip to the local Vinnies, where we donated all our stuff to charity.
 It’s weird where the day and all its twists and turns can take you.

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