Friday, December 21, 2012

The other day Ruby and I headed into good old Byron town for a bit of an op-shopping (charity shopping, thrifting) spree. When you're on a budget its sometimes nice to blow $20 on like 6 pieces of clothing, so that's what we did. Plus op-shopping is great for finding 90's style pieces and, as I am currently going through a massive grunge/Dawsons Creek revival phase, I figured I should get a few new (but not...) pieces.

Here's what I picked up:

Midi dress, $4
Crop top, $3
Beret, $2
Beanie, $2

Midi dress, $4

Plus I stopped off at my local Foxx Foe store and grabbed this dress for $15. It's by no means a top quality piece, but I just loved the look, with all that lace and leather, plus I'm a sucker for low-back dresses. I think it will look great come winter, teamed with Docs, a beanie, a choker, and either a leather or denim jacket.

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