Saturday, December 29, 2012

Monday. I woke up to find my family had abandoned me to go the the hospital where my younger brother, Jack, was treated for a very severe flu-type thing, thought to be Ross River...? I was then abandoned by work, who decided I need not come in, despite it's being Christmas Eve... which, at a butcher, is the busiest day of the year. Go figure. Feeling completely and utterly rejected, I settled down on the couch and spent the best part of the day watching Jacksgap videos. Exhilirating stuff, I know.

Tuesday. So, Tuesday was CHRISTMAS DAY! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay. My family had agreed on keeping things casual and sleeping in, etc etc, so you can imagine my surprise at being woken at 6am by my mother, who isn't usually overly enthused by the holiday season. Breakfast was lovely, as was the rest of the day, though it was all a little quiet for my liking: no family reunions, champagne, and running around the back yard playing tag. That said, we spent a nice few hours at the beach, got some wonderful gifts, ate great food (see this blogpost for more), and did some communal watching of Game of Thrones. Fun fun fun.

Wednesday. I woke up in horribly overcast weather and the weirdest mood. It was pouring outside, and I just felt restless, bored, and really creative. I sat down and filmed my Christmas haul video (which came out yesterday...YAY!), then called up my bestie, Aleesia, to see if she was as bored as I was. Turns out she was, so we ended up playing dress ups all afternoon and taking some photos. We then rented the US version of the brilliant French film, LOL, and the ever so entertaining Ella Enchanted (because who doesn't like a bit of Hugh Dancy), and watched them from her bed, eating M&Ms, and chatting about how Jacksgap and I would be the perfect couple... I like such conversations.

Thursday. My darling friend, Nikkola, came up from Melbourne for Christmas, and so I went to see her in Byron town. It was so lovely seeing her sexy little face again, plus my brother Jack tagged along and bonded with his ex-bestfriend (and Nikkola's brother), which was sweet. We swam for hours, got severely sunburnt, and ate nachos at OzyMex... a fine summers day, if you ask me.

Friday. Today was a day of I'm-moving-in-3-weeks activities; visits to Centrelink, packing clothes into cardboard boxes, job applications, and trawling Gumtree for sharehouses. Yep, it was as boring as it sounds, though it's all kind of exciting thinking about the future. I can't wait to have free reign over what I'm eating, what I'm listening to, and what I'm doing in my spare time... no more mum looking over my shoulder going 'What DO you do on that computer?!' Yaaaay!

Saturday. Mum and Dad abandoned us for a romantic weekend in Brisvegas (argh), so Jack and I did everything we usually can't... nope, we didn't invite a gazillion people over for a raging house party and no, we didn't get high in the garage... Jack spent the day watching Naruto, and I filmed a video for next week (room tour!), did some casual Jack Harries stalking, and danced to One Direction for a couple of hours. Wow, we're an exciting pair. I then uploaded my Christmas Haul video (check it out here ) and went out for some yummy Indian with Aleesia.

Sunday. Beach, house work, blogging, and a whole lot of tea. Then my brother dragged me to the local shops where he forced me to buy him alcohol (he's underage) Naughty child!

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