Sunday, March 31, 2013

This morning I had a revelation: you guys barely know me.
Despite starting this blog somewhere back in 2012, I have only just renewed my membership to the blogosphere, and with this newfound passion for posting Every. Freaking. Day. should come with a proper introduction... I mean it's the polite thing to do, right? So here we have it, a questionnaire taken from Vanity Fair via Aussie blogger Hannah.
Currently obsessed with UNIF

Underwear Bonds or Target… creative I know. Though I have recently fallen in love with American Apparel’s lingerie. Sneakers Converse. T-shirts Bonds again. Favourite accessory I am currently obsessed with my Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes. Favourite boutiques I haven’t been boutique shopping in so long! I’m an online shopping devotee (asos, Nasty Gal, Etsy) plus I love Myer, Top Shop, Zara, and any vintage stores/markets/op shops  Favourite print Stripes. They are timeless. Something seasonless Boots. Perfect in winter, but also in Summer with a pair of denim cut-offs and a sense of adventure. Jewellery you never take off I have a necklace my grandparents gave me when I was about 10. They bought it for me on a trip to South America and I rarely take it off. It’s a constant reminder of all the traveling I want to do. Next stop, PERU!

The eccentric wallpaper that engulfs our bathroom

 Favourite discoveries The best soy flat whites I have ever had the pleasure of drinking, amazingly just metres from my front door Shopping I am a big lover of second hand book stores. There is this place next to my cousin’s house in rural Victoria, and I have literally spent full days making my way through all the tattered novels Necessary extravagance Travel. And Mac lipsticks. Favourite place in the world Byron Bay. Though I do have a soft spot for Lyon, and I feel like London would quickly become my favourite if I were to visit Favourite Charity I’ve always followed Oxfam closely, mostly because of their affiliation with Coldplay (Chris Martin is a spunk) Favourite movies So many! Love Actually and Notting Hill for my regular dose of British charm(Hugh Grant! Colin Firth! SIGH!), any literary adaptations but particularly Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice, The Godfather trilogy, Starwars, The Princess Diaries, Clueless, Becoming Jane, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Singing in the Rain.. gah, there are so many!   Who is an idol of yours Chris Martin for the music, the modesty, the humour, the sexiness, the healthy conscious Favourite flower shops Markets!

Best, most decadent breakfast ever: Porridge with banana, raw cacao powder, and peanut butter

Beauty products 

 Lipsticks MAC Dark side is absolute wintery perfection. Mascara At the moment it’s a Revlon one… Foundation NARS Sheer Glow in Punjab Shampoo Avalon Organics Tea Tree treatment Hair products Coconut oil used as a mask once a week Moisturiser Jojoba oil Fragrance I’m obsessed with Jo Malone fragrances, particularly the Earl Grey & Cucumber cologne Soaps I use a tea tree body wash by The Body Shop. Where do you get your hair cut Lately I’ve been cutting it myself Never leave home without Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment. I’m addicted.

Possibly my favourite place in the house?
Where do you live Melbourne, Australia Sheets Literally whatever I can find at op shops, markets, etc. At the moment I have these gorgeous Indian sheets in bright pinks China Again, all vintage. Though I often come across awesome china on Etsy Favourite flowers Sunflowers in my garden, sunflowers in the French Summer, sunflowers inked into the skin of pretty European backpackers, embracing fisherman pants and the Byron Bay sunshine Favourite gadget My laptop even though it’s lame and chunky and not a mac. And my Canon 1100D Stationery I love Rifle Paper Co. I would love a set of their custom business cards! Favourite neighbourhood restaurants I’m new to town, though I am a big fan of Crossways Vegetarian on Swanston St Favourite drink Water! Coffee! Tea! Green Smoothies! Tequila! I’m into beverages... Favourite dessert Oh God, how do I choose? Something with plenty of chocolate and/or fruit Favourite snack Hommus and carrot sticks. Or dark chocolate and walnuts Top four TV shows The O.C, Doctor Who, Skins, and How I Met Your Mother

 And there you have it. Now we can be best friendsssszzzzz!

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  1. sunflowers are definitely the best flower!!