Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sources: Source: Tumblr, Garance Dore

This is a filler post. A blatant, unashamed, yo-I'm-up-in-yo-grillz filler post. 

At the same time, this post is an inspiring one. It is like a page of the fashion scrapbook I've been keeping since I was twelve, or a segment of the mood board I want to pin above my desk. This post is here to look at, to dream about, to wish for... and I think that is okay. 

A post doesn't have to be overflowing with intelligent words or personal style photos taken in the Botanical Gardens. It can just be a thought, an idea, something that was so beautiful you just couldn't help but share it. That's why I love blogging. We all just go around sharing our thoughts and discovering brilliant things we may never have noticed had we not joined the online fashion community.

 Like these boots. Thigh High Boots. And not the sex shop patent leather kind; I'm talking care free, bohemian, lounge-around-the-house-looking-fab boots. 

I am in love love love with Vanessa Hudgen's style at the moment. The white on white ensemble at Coachella is what did it for me, plus she has the ultimate arm candy in hunky boyfriend, Austin Butler. The outfit above is just another reason to give Hudgens some R-E-S-P-E-C-T and let her Gabriella days fall into the deep, dark corners of my mind. Teaming that Mink Pink dress with a pair of bad ass lace up boots was just beauty waiting to happen, and I am so freaking proud of Vanessa for taking the plunge and doing it. 

The second picture is just photographic perfection starring Lily Kwong and a pair of amazing Joseph Altuzarra boots. You can find out more at Garance Dore, blogger extraordinaire. 

Anyway, that's enough filler for today. See you tomorrow!


  1. thigh boots are amazing! i looove vanessa's! :)

    1. I know right, so lovely! Now I just need the legs to pull them off haha