Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Today I decided to stop being so damn lazy and actually attend my Media and Society lecture...for the first time since I began the course 5 weeks ago...woops?

Anyway, despite dragging myself out of bed and hitting up my local caffeine spot for not one, not two, but three soy flat whites (!), I couldn't be bothered wearing anything remotely constricting/high-heeled/smexy. Ideally I would have slipped on a pair of silk pajamas to get on the whole from-bed-to-breakfast-in-town trend, but a lack of said ensemble led me to this outfit: comfy jumper, comfy skirt, comfy shoes, and comfy beanie for lazy, comfy, unwashed hair.

I was actually surprised at how much I liked this outfit. I find that midi skirts are quite flattering and the tight fit helped to balance the bagginess of the jumper. I added the Docs, choker, and beanie to up the grunge vibe that I am currently obsessed with (see every post I've done ever) and make me look like I'd at least attempted to look presentable...

I think midi skirts might have to become a regular feature in my university wardrobe; they are ultra comfortable and really easy to style.