Tuesday, April 23, 2013

 Kaszëbë legenda o miłości [Kaszëbë legend of love] 1970
Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne

It was a giant hand, fingers free yet not reaching.
There were colours: green, blue, more green, white, blue, more white, more blue, then black.
The boat didn't look like any I had ever seen; it didn't get lost in the ocean as boats usually do, insignificant dots in the endless blue. Instead it was obvious, centered in the hand that was centered on the page.
The words weren't obvious. I didn't notice them at first, and even then I hardly saw them at all. What I did see meant little to me; these were foreign words that sounded ugly on my foreign tongue. They were strange to me as I am sure I was strange to them, and yet we strangers shared that sight; we shared that hand and those clouds and that big boat swimming in a tiny sea. 

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