Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jeans- American Apparel
Mesh shirt- thrifted
Denim shirt- thrifted
Bralette- asos
Shoes- Topshop

I just got back from a weekend in the lovely country town of Castlemaine. I went up for a birthday party (Happy 40th, Uncle Sam!!) and while I was there I had a sudden stroke of inspiration. Must have been all those cottages and gold mines and whatever else rural Victoria is renowned for...

Anyway, this country-induced bout of creativity culminated in this outfit, which is basically my take on the very best fashion faux pas: denim-on-denim! I am a big fan of the vulgar; I love it when I see a girl wearing something so excessively tacky that it looks awesome. It's all about wearing your clothes with pride, an idea I tried to channel as I caught the train back to Melbourne town, donning this number. Yep, denim on denim is totally back in my books! 

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