Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today I thought I'd be naughty/lazy and post a couple of webcam photos, featuring my latest DIY hair-cutting escapades... so please excuse the dodgy quality and focus on my (possibly destroyed) locks.

I haven't had a fringe since I the 1990s when I lived a 4-year-old's life of Power Rangers and scooters. I used to have one of those blunt, straight across fringes; it was one part Suri Cruise, one part Sims. Then I went to school, grew out my white-blonde bob, and convinced myself that bangs weren't for me.

15 years on, I have finally decided to give the fringe another shot, this time drawing inspiration from the bohemian rocker look of Brigitte Bardot and Abbey Lee Kershaw (circa 2010). I've been obsessing over the vintage vibe of curtain bangs ever since Sienna Miller's appearance in Alfie, and only now have I decided to embrace my creative side (YOLO) and make the chop. After all, hair grows back eventually... right? 

Unfortunately, I am not one for patience or, for that matter, saving my pennies. This lack of money and common-sense lead to my second DIY hair cut of the year. I got out the (paper) scissors, put The Kooks on full blast, and began hacking. 15 minutes and a pile of hair later, I was left with this...

I'm still not sure if it works, but let me know what you think. I feel like it could grow on me...?