Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This morning I awoke (at 11!!) to a text from Angie. It read as follows:

I just got off the phone to the real estate agent, and she says they're planning on knocking down the house in July :((((( We'll talk more about it when I get home AHHHHHH

Yep, after months of suspicious construction posters and visits from stoic builders, it has been confirmed: our home sweet home is being demolished. And I've only been here since January! 

While it is going to be a struggle looking for a new room (anyone live in Melbourne??) and moving my mountains of clothes, there is always a flipside to an unhappy situation. We managed to find ours just moments after getting the bad news... we can PARTY ON! Just yesterday we were talking about the possility of drawing all over the walls without getting in trouble... and now that these walls will be disappearing we can go for it! And invite friends to go for it! Fun, creative, alcohol-fuelled times are acoming.

In other news, today I had a rare break from work and university and, to celebrate, headed down to my local opshop to spend a few hard earned pennies. I was so happy when I found the leather pencil/biker skirt above, for an amazing $12. Yes, it smells faintly of cigarettes, but it is real leather and I've been wanting a leather skirt for ages, so yay! 

I also picked up this cute jumper with a fur trim turtle neck. I am returning to my obsession with all things 1960s, thanks to a love for The Kooks and their sixties inspired get-up. This jumper just screamed Edie to me, so I had to go ahead and buy it, especially at the lovely price of $6.

On a side note, here is my favourite song of the moment. So. Darn. Good.

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