Monday, May 20, 2013

Onion's have layers. Ogres have layers. 

Ah the almighty Shrek, forever quotable and forever hilarious.
 Today I embraced my inner Ogre and transitional dressing to adapt to the increasingly temperamental Melbourne weather. 

Layering is a new concept to Northern NSW, beach-going me, but I am slowly learning the facts of Victorian life. For example, one coat is never enough, and umbrellas should always be kept in handbags for sporadic storms.

 Today I went for a shirt, another shirt, an anorak, and a MASSIVE snood/cowl/scarf. And thank goodness, it was freaking freeziiiinnnnggggg. We even put on the central heating, which is usually a no-go for our student budgets. 

In other news, I paid the bond for my new place in...wait for it... BRUNSWICK. Woop woop, no more Hawthorn, just groovy Northern suburbia. I am actually really excited, even if it means leaving my current housemates, who are pretty damn wonderful. I'll be moving sometime next month, so expect a bit of a room tour.

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