Wednesday, September 11, 2013

LISTENING//This month it has been about The Rolling Stones. As a self-proclaimed worshipper of 1960s rock n' roll, I can't believe it took me so long to appreciate an iconic band so crucial to my beloved British Invasion. All it took to persuade me to give the Glimmer twins (and friends!!) a listen was a gif of young Mick looking dapper, dancing and smoking down my tumblr feed... seriously, what a sex god! And the music is as wonderful as I should have expected. It's sexy, it's rock, it's blues, it's overwhelmingly American, but so British too. This love will last a lifetime.

 WATCHING//Again, I'm late to the party and am only now discovering how freaking awesome Buffy the Vampire Slayer is. This girl's got swag (swagger... like jagger) and she ain't afraid to use it, beheading zombies and driving stakes into the hearts of the many vampires who call Sunnydale home. Sarah Michelle Gellar who, of course, plays the title role, is a total babe and walks the school halls in inappropriate, extremely 90s outfits, while a baby Alison Hannigan is one of her adorkable (gah! Hate that word!) sidekicks. I'm 100% addicted to the predictable plots, hilarious fashion, and girl-meets-boy-boy-be-vampire love story... so much so, that I watched 2 seasons in as many days!

 READING//Yesterday I picked up issue 6 of fashion magazine, Industrie. The cover, which features the beautiful Cara Delevingne, is the most stunning I have ever seen. It's immense size definitely has something to do with it, drawing me in from the street, begging me to take the magazines pretty pages home. I won't say any more, but I'll be writing up a specially dedicated post (photos included!) tomorrow.

 EATING//I am currently obsessed with vegetarian Pho. There is this place on Swanston St in the city that does a massive bowl complete with huge chunks of fried tofu for around $10. So so good, especially on one of the wintery days Melbourne seems to be fond of.

WEARING//I bought a set of chokers from Abracadabra in Bangalow, NSW, and I've been wearing them on a daily basis. By chokers I mean those tattoo style ones that were popular among Lizzie McGuire wannabes and schoolyard Goths alike. I like to team mine (which I have in both black and rainbow) with a beachy yin yang choker chain that leaves me feeling like a pro skateress... all I need is a mop of golden hair (Blake Lively style) and a pair of denim cut offs.

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