Monday, January 6, 2014

By Jason Lee Parry for ASOS July 2013

LISTENING// I have a girl crush and her name is Sky Ferreira. I've been a fan of the 21 year old singer since her teen queen days (she started making music like this at just 17) and with the recent release of her debut album, this admiration has become obsession. Night Time, My Time offers unashamed pop music that is both fun and haunting; there is this dark undertone to the album, which has strong New wave and 90s influences also present in her dress-sense... this girl knows how to wear clothes and absolutely kills the acid-grunge look. Gah, she is perfection!

WATCHING// I have never been one to shy away from embarrassment (it tends to chase me), openly accepting and obsessing over somewhat shame-worthy things from One Direction to The Secret Life of an American Teenager. This month I've further proved my forever accepting outlook on life by watching all four and a half seasons of The Vampire Diaries within the space of a few weeks. Yes, it is a glorified, gorier version of Twilight, a franchise I have resolved to despise, but I just can't get over the girl-meets-vampire-vampire-has-hot-brother story line... plus Damon is a total babe!

READING// I am finally making my way through Jane Austen's works, having read Emma and Pride & Prejudice repeatedly over the past 6 years. I am starting out with Northanger Abbey and oh my God, it is GREAT. I know it's regarded as the dud, or at least that's the impression I've always had, but I find Catherine Morland the most relateable of Austen's heroines, and I get heart palpitations reading about the charming Mr. Tilney. The 2007 television adaptation is great too (it stars Felicity Jones and Carey Mulligan, two of my favourite actresses).

WEARING// Dark lipstick is a favourite of mine throughout the winter, and this year the love carried on over into the summer. I wear MAC's Darkside, a rich wine colour, on a near-daily basis. It looks surprisingly cute with a denim pinafore, floral button up, and a choker or three.

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